2021 Model A Day Highlights

The theme for this year’s celebration was Model A First Responders, this theme was originally planned for the 2020 Model A Day celebration, which was canceled due to the COVID-19
pandemic. This year, in addition to the MAFFI Model AA Stake Bed Truck, the MAFFI 1930 Model AA “Huff & Puff” School Bus, a Model A Woody Wagon, and a Model A Phaeton were available to transport attendees around the 90-acre Gilmore campus.

Vehicles: In line with the Model A Day theme, special First Responder Model A vehicles
highlighted this year’s event. Those included: a 1928 Model AA Fire Truck, a 1930 Model
AA Police Patrol Wagon, a 1931 Model A Police Car, a 1931 Model AA Ambulance, and a 1931
Model AA Service Car/Wrecker. Other first responder vehicles, including seven Model AA
fire trucks, were also on display.

Seminars: Model A educational seminars were held on both Friday and Saturday. This
year’s seminar topics were: Restoring a 1931 AA Bus, The History of Model A First Response
Vehicles, Model A Era Fashion, Fabrics and Fun, Rebuilding the Model A Front End, and
The Model A Woody Wagon.

Swap Meet: This year’s swap meet was the largest Model A Day swap meet gathering to
date. MAFFI had swap meet spaces to sell items donated to maintain the Museum and
benefit the Foundation. Contact Greg Fish (fish_49202@yahoo.com or 517-712-7603) if you
or your local Model A club would like to donate swap meet items for next year’s event.


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