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Model A Ford Foundation, Inc.

By Jim Thomas

The ninth annual Model A Day event was held September 20-21, 2019 on the campus of the Gilmore Car Museum in Hickory Corners, Michigan.  The Model A Day  festivities, sponsored by the Model A Ford Foundation, Inc. (MAFFI), are held each year on the third Saturday in September.  This year’s event was the largest to date – with an estimated 275 Model A’s and over 800 participants in attendance.  The theme for this year’s Model A Day was “Unique and Original Model A’s.”   Model A Day visitors had the opportunity to enjoy the Model A Ford Museum, all of the many other Gilmore car museums, the ever expanding Model A swap meet and a wide variety of Model A related educational seminars.   Many Model A Day visitors took advantage of MAFFI’s restored Model AA Truck to transport them around the Gilmore campus.

                                                John W. Begg MAFFI President
Make plans today to attend Model A Days, September 18-19, 2020 to see this and other great displays at the Museum. Our theme this year is "Model A First Responders". We plan to have police vehicles, fire trucks and a Model A ambulance on exhibit as part of our event. We also plan to have our swap meet and technical and fashion seminars.

Your membership dollars to MAFFI helps keep our Museum what it is today,

the most toured of all the museums at the Gilmore Complex.

Thank you for your continued support through membership, the purchase of memorial bricks and donations.

Thank you,
Marsha Quesnel, MAFFI Trustee